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Strength Training Or Cardio? Do This First For A Better Workout

Every move you make affects the ones that come after it and, ultimately, your results, says fitness expert Ashley Borden, who has trained great site the likes of Ryan Gosling and MLB player Nick Swisher. Borden's advice: Do your strength training before you even look at a piece of cardio equipment. Why? If you tucker yourself out on the treadmill, you're going to have trouble eking out reps in the weight room. When you're tired, your form suffers, and the last place you want to be struggling Shin Ohtake with your hip positioning is under a heavy barbell, she says. Plus, strength training is what really builds muscle and burns the most calories over the long term. ADVERTISEMENT DETAILS: Is All Sugar Created Equal? <br>News source:

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Workout For A Wish Makes Dreams Come True For Area Kids

All the money raised more will benefit a local non-profit that makes dreams come true for area children with life-threatening or catastrophic illnesses. One thing that is obvious about 13-year-old Sarah Driggers is that she is full of life, and with her happy-go-lucky personality it is hard to tell she is battling several life-altering illnesses including Kidney Disease, Cerebral palsy and Epilepsy. "It's a constant struggle. We go to Dallas almost weekly, with many different specialists and when we're not there we go to therapy three times a week," Amy Foster, Sara's mother, said. To help ease the struggle, in June of last year Wishing Well Texoma sent Sara and her family on a vacation. A trip that Sara will never forget. "We got to go to Great Wolf Lodge, with a shopping spree at the mall, cash for her to spend and they provided an iPad for her and a camera," Foster said. <br>Full story:

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Downhill Running Workouts To Improve Speed, Control

Michael Mosley, believes that only three 20-second bursts of high-intensity training is all you need to be skinnier and healthier! Doc Mosley came out with a book called Fast Exercise which is all about working in working out into even the busiest of lives. The doc talked about how the best workouts are all about short bursts of super intense exercise. The whole point is to get your heart pumping, hard! Mosley said: "Two years ago I discovered I was a diabetic. <br>Source:

It's a 20-second workout, one you can do right in your own stairwell, in a suit, whether you're fit or fat. The fast workout is just the latest trend from Dr. Mosley. His BBC documentary which aired on PBS, Eat Fast and Live Longer, launched an international bestseller about the benefits of a two-day a week fast diet. It all began with a wake-up call for the good doctor about where his then 53-year-old body was heading. <br>Source:

Were looking at high schools, prep schools, international, transfers, Drew said. We definitely need some size with only one true center. Both Peters and Drew remarked that this season was a learning experience. Drew expected some ups and downs with an inexperienced roster. The Crusaders delivered an exciting victory over Murray State in the season opener, knocked off Horizon League champion Green Bay at home and swept NCAA tournament participant Milwaukee during the regular season. Valparaiso also lost three games at the buzzer, got swept by Wright State and Cleveland State and finished the year with losses in four of their last five games. <br>Source:

The muscle damage decreases your muscles ability to produce force, which slows your pace on the flat and uphill portions of the race and leads to delayed-onset muscle soreness, which includes an inflammatory response and lasts for a few days following the race as your muscle fibers heal. Eccentric contractions are also unique in that fewer muscle fibers are active compared to other types of muscle contractions, causing the force generated to be distributed over a smaller area of muscle. A greater force over a smaller area equals greater tension, which causes even more damage. Downhill running also affects running economy, the amount of oxygen you consume to maintain a given pace. A number of studies have shown a significant decrease in running economy for up to one week following a 30-minute downhill run on a 10 to 15 percent grade. <br>Source: this site href='; ></a>

Sean Lee cleared for workouts

Lee, who finished the 2013 season with 99 tackles and four interceptions, suffered a neck injury in the third quarter of a Dec. 9 game against the Chicago Bears . After missing the Green Bay game on Dec. 15, Lee eventually returned to practice briefly. <br>Source:

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Building Muscle Reduces Incidence Of Premature Death In Older Ad

They looked at how this muscle mass index was related to the risk of death. They found that all-cause mortality was significantly lower in the fourth quartile of muscle mass index compared with the first quartile. "In other words, the greater your muscle mass, the lower your risk of death," said Dr. Arun Karlamangla, an associate professor in the geriatrics division at the Geffen School and the study's co-author. "Thus, rather than worrying about weight or body mass index , we should be trying to maximize and maintain muscle mass." This study does have some limitations. For instance, one cannot definitively establish a cause-and-effect relationship between muscle mass and survival using a cohort study such as NHANES III. "But Max Workouts we can say that muscle mass seems to be an important predictor of risk of death," Srikanthan said. In addition, bioelectrical impedance is not the most advanced measurement technique, though the NHANES III measurements were conducted in Max Workouts ebook a very rigorous fashion "and practically, this is the best situation possible in a study of this size," she noted. <br>News source:

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Bing Health & Fitness Beta Now Up For Grabs On Windows Phone 8

That's all on top of the standard sleep and step-tracking functionality built into the watch-like device. Such an acquisition would give a significant boost to Apple, which is said to have fitness product ambitions. The company recently posted -- and deleted -- a job posting for a " User Studies Exercise Physiologist ." According to the ad, Apple seeks candidates who are knowledgeable about cardiovascular fitness and can put that knowledge toward product design. Reports that Basis might be on the market come just months after the San Francisco startup raised $11.75 million in additional funding to close out its Series B round at a total of $23 million, with Intel Capital coming on board alongside Stanford University, iNovia Capital, and other new investors. <br>Source:

Keep in mind that the provided values for, let's say yogurt, may not match those listed on the tub, so pay close attention to the accuracy of the data you use. Also, such apps cannot provide accurate information for home-made foods, which may be a nuisance for those who like to cook their own meals (and render the counter useless). The app also displays a history for later analysis, which provides an average figure for calories, carbs, fat and protein, as well as individual breakdowns (in weight and percentages) for fat, carbs and protein. The history can be set to show either the last seven or 30 days. <br>Source:

Keep your tracker data synced across your Windows 8 devices, the apps description continues. As WMPoweruser notes, the Bing Health & Fitness app was spotted in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK not long ago, and it is now live in the Windows Phone Store. One thing url that should be noted, however, is that the Bing Health & Fitness Beta was released mainly for testing purposes inside Microsoft. As a result, the application may have limited functionality or have known issues. <br>Source:

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